Caveman Cacciatore

This is a great recipe to make for guests. Both Paleo eaters and non-Paleo eaters love Caveman Cacciatore. Serve it with a big, green salad and red wine. Enjoy!

Ask Jenna: If I eat a Paleo diet, do I have to do CrossFit?

This is an excellent question and one that I get asked frequently. The answer is no, you don’t absolutely have to do CrossFit with Paleo. CrossFit athletes, as well as other types of athletes, like Paleo a lot because it enhances their performance. But you can fully embrace the Paleo lifestyle without doing CrossFit. Think of it this way, CrossFit is a modern exercise program, whereas Paleo is a diet inspired by the original human diet and the foods consumed throughout our evolution. The “original workout” would have been daily survival activities like hunting, gathering and running from predators. Probably the closest to that is MovNat. The main thing is that you do workouts you enjoy so that you actually do them! When I attended my first CrossFit Nutrition Certification back in 2009, no one was talking about Paleo except the CrossFit folks. They were getting great results and teaching it to everyone who would listen. It was awesome. At the time, I wondered if I should be doing CrossFit too, since I was so into Paleo. But I prefer other kinds of exercise like yoga, Essentrics, dance classes, kettlebell workouts and barre-based workouts. I try to get outside as much as I can and I love long walks, especially by the water. Do the workout you connect with, whether it’s CrossFit or something else. You can still eat a diet based on evolution even if you’re doing a modern exercise. See you at Zumba! Got a question? just ask!
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